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Hey hey! Happy Friday! What are you up to this weekend? We’re on day 3 of P being a sick little monkey, so I’m crossing my fingers she’s feeling better soon. She’s usually the happiest kid, so it breaks my heart when she feels terrible. Also, she sneezed directly into my mouth yesterday – I was talking to her while laying down in bed and there ya go – so fingers crossed I can keep fighting the good fight.

IMG 6802

Other than that, we don’t have too much on the agenda this weekend. If she’s feeling better, we’ll still prob lay low and mayybbeeee go out for Sushi Sunday (it’s a thing now) and take it easy. 

Owl jammies


One of my favorite adventures of the week was taking Liv to see the Music Man at Arizona Theatre Company. It’s one of the first musicals I ever saw live, and I’ve been singing, “Goodnight, My Someone” to the girls as a lullaby since they were tiny babies. The performance was truly incredible and the cast was so talented. Liv was captivated the entire time and we’ve been singing, “Seventy-six Trombones” all week. It was such a great mama-Liv date (even though I think P would have loved it, too) and I love being able to share the arts with them whenever possible. 

Music man

(When we got tix, all that was left was front row center, so we went for it! It was amazing to be so close)

It’s time for the weekly Friday Faves party! This is where I share some of my favorite reads, wears, eats, and finds from the week. I love hearing about your faves, too, so please join in the fun in the comments section! 


Read, watch, listen:

Tips to show up for those you love. 

So much real life here.

New Years’ inspiration:

10 ways to work less and get more done.

I can’t wait to watch this!

This Start Today journal. My friend Arsy sent me this lovely gratitude journal. I’m a huge believer in maintaining gratitude – when I wake up at night, I think of the things I’m grateful for and it helps me feel calm and go back to sleep – but have never actually written everything down. There are also spots to write about goals and how you’re working towards them.

I’m excited to use this daily and also to look back on it as the year goes on. This is a year where I can confidently say I have no idea what will be happening this time next year, so I’m buckled up and ready for the ride. (At least I know we’ll be in Tucson!)

Safer swaps. If you’re interested in switching up your skincare to safer options in 2019, there’s a handy survey you can complete here and I’ll send some ideas along!

Come clean

Food + recipes:

This vegan cheese. I picked this up at Whole Foods last week, mostly because I’m always stoked to try new vegan and soy-free cheese options. It actually tastes like provolone! I’ve been loving it in omelets, on wraps, and sandwiches. (I use the almond milk shredded cheese from Trader Joe’s for quesadillas and it’s a dream come true.)

Veg cheese

Kyle Nottingham, continuing to crush the Tucson food scene.


DSC 5968

Workout ideas for next week: (as always, check with a doctor before making any fitness changes. Shuffle/modify according to your unique needs and schedule.) 

Sunday: Total body + HIIT

Monday: Steady state

Tuesday: OFF/gentle

Wednesday: Upper body

Thursday: Lower body + HIIT

Friday: Steady state or treadmill workout

Saturday: OFF or yoga

Happy Friday, friends!